The Pros and Cons of Weight Loss

The Pros and Cons of Weight Loss.

Like most endeavors, weight loss has its own pros and cons, sadly however, most information regarding weight loss only reflect its benefits, while neglecting to include some of its disadvantages. Generally speaking, losing weight for the purpose of physical fitness is at best, beneficial; nevertheless one also needs to consider the actual shape they are in before going into the attempt. One who is already in their ideal weight but further wishes to lose some is not advisable, as proportion also plays a great deal of role in maintaining wellness.

For example, an underweight person has a higher risk for a compromised immune system, while women may have the inability to menstruate normally; some may even experience fertility issues as there is a relationship between sufficient body fat and hormone regulation. Also, underweight individuals have lesser bone density which may pave the way for bone ailments such as osteoporosis and other serious bone disease. Cases of osteoporosis is especially a cause for alarm as the underweight individual may not notice the existence of the disease until after the event of a bone fracture. In younger age groups such as that of adolescents or teens, unhealthy and intentional weight loss can also dramatically inhibit the normal process of growth and can be clearly manifested through stunted growth in height.

Furthermore, stamina can be compromised in individuals who have less than their ideal weight because the body is deprived of vital nutrients that is needed for energy and sustainability. They often feel weak and lethargic which can greatly affect the activities of daily living, and thus are less productive than the average person. In addition to that, statistics show that there is a higher mortality rate due to being underweight, as compared to the mortality rate of obese, and even in morbidly obese people. In truth, intentional weight loss can only be truly beneficial if it is done on a, “as needed basis”, and simply not for vanity reasons. Ideally, the need for weight loss is something that should be prompted by a medical or health professional and not merely by any other superficial reason.

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